HP Tech Ventures is proud to announce our first podcast series, Reinventing the Future. In this series, we talk to start-up founders and entrepreneurs defining tomorrow’s world and experiences. You’ll learn first-hand how these innovators are digging into ground-breaking ideas, big-picture business strategies, and continually adapting to our exponentially changing world. This podcast will inspire you to dream big, tap into your inner innovator, and create the future you imagine.

In the first episode of Reinventing the Future, we chat with Bogdan Suchyk, founder of our portfolio company, Mobalytics, about the experience of starting a company and how to implement an innovative spirit as a leader. Listen to the full episode here.

You can learn more at hptechventures.com and listen and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Registration for Investors Open. DMID to highlight the early stage rising stars of digital manufacturing.

Following the success of the inaugural DMID 2020, Dyndrite and HP Tech Ventures are hosting a second DMID 2021 event on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Over 85 investors and more than 200 industry experts and press joined the inaugural Digital Manufacturing Investor Day (DMID), held in June, 2020. …

HP Tech Ventures

#VC arm of @HP. Reinventing the future through transformative technologies and #startups that will disrupt industries and economies around the world.

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